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Xero Latest News

Xero is making it even easier to serve clients.

Find & Recode:
Find & Recode makes it fast and easy to fix clients’ mistakes. Mistakes can happen, and when they do, it often creates more work for you. But with Find & Recode, there’s no need to hunt through each transaction to find those pesky errors – you can quickly and easily recode accounts, tax rates, tracking and contacts across multiple transaction lines – all at once!

Online Quotes and Inventory Management:
While Xero has previously featured a simple Inventory management system, its new release provides a more complete inventory tacking and accounting product, so you can:
  • speed up your quotes and invoicing
  • easily track quantity on hand
  • get real-time stock valuation
  • track the profitability of you inventory

The other major release is Xero’s Online Quotes which allows users to convert prospects into customers quicker than ever before. This drives faster decision-making and, ultimately, reduces the time between quoting for a new piece of work and getting paid for it.

Online Quotes builds on the original Quotes feature providing improved benefits such as:

  • Increased visibility – You can see when your contacts viewed their online quote. This helps you understand whether your contact has viewed a quote or not, so you can decide to follow up.
  • Real-time updates – Online quotes are updated in real-time – if you update the quote in Xero, it automatically updates the online view for the contact.
  • Add files to the quote. You can add plans or diagrams to an Online Quote, bringing your quotes to life.