Wage Easy Payroll is a software solution specially designed for Australian employment conditions. It’s both intuitive and easy-to-use.

Our software has the only true across industry award interpreter that prepares the pay slip from a time sheet in seconds. It is easy to use and the operator no longer requires detailed knowledge of complex awards, contracts or employment agreements. Unlike other payroll systems, Wage Easy Payroll provides true award interpretation, based on actual times worked.

No matter what size your business is, there is a Wage Easy Payroll HR system to suit your needs. Wage Easy Payroll Software is the system that will totally automate and reduce your time producing the wage and managing your human resource. Established in 1993, the product has thousands of business users in Australia ranging in size from ten employees to several thousand employee multi-site operations.

Without the use of efficient methodologies and good information systems, the employee administrative load wastes a huge amount of business time and resources. Wage Easy Payroll provides you with a more accurate and efficient information and wages system that will allow the release of resources for use in improving business operation and will reduce the amount of industrial friction and compliance problems caused by error.

We will endeavour to streamline your payroll processes and amalgamate your human resource gathering techniques to provide you with easily accessible and reportable data stored in a secure manageable environment. This will provide considerable cost savings both in dollar and resource terms.

Wage Easy will work with you to set up the system to cater for your own specific intricacies. Implementation is swift, taking only days. Our after sales support will ensure that you will continue to reap the rewards from changing to a user friendly yet highly sophisticated system.

Wage Easy is a highly interactive and dynamic system and will enhance the Relationships Australia Payroll and HR management and will grow and evolve with you.



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