Triumph ERP 6 Released!

Designed to meet your needs according to your feedback!

Triumph ERP Version 6 has officially been released! As a leading business management software suite, our mission is to provide the best service to you by delivering premium results based on your needs.

To help us achieve that mission, we take your feedback seriously. Triumph ERP Version 6 is designed according to your feedback to simplify the tasks and improve your business performance.

Triumph ERP Version 6 new features include:

  • A modern, fresher look and feel of modules combined with advance filtering makes the application easy to view and manage.
  • Impressive Cloud functionality improvements.
  • User defined columns to simplify filtering functions and be used across various modules.
  • hBrand new B2B E-Commerce module allowing you to integrate Triumph with your web shop and facilitate online transactions.
  • Fully integrated emailing improvements, giving you more control over emailing business forms such as invoices, quotes and purchase orders.
  • Foreign Banking module, allowing you to easily monitor and control foreign bank accounts.
  • Advanced emailing, amongst other innovations.

Triumph B2B E-Commerce 

Connecting to the world to let you do business more effectively is the easy way to Triumph in e-commerce.

The internet offers today’s enterprise remarkable flexibility when it comes to communicating with customers and business partners. Triumph allows you to use your company database as the engine room of your business with exciting new technology that makes vital information directly accessible by your clients.

Triumph’s B2B e-Commerce module uses the latest technologies to allow your customers to securely transact business with you through a web browser over the internet. It enables your customers to place orders, do their own quotes, look at the status of pending orders, inquire on stock availability, inquire and print details on their accounts, and even reprint their own invoices.

Triumph’s B2B e-Commerce module is 100% driven from the back office system, and because this is done directly against the company database, it is accurate, instantaneous and links with other Triumph modules, with no duplication or re-keying of information. It offers seamless and live integration to: Inventory, Debtors, Contacts, Special Pricing, Bill of Materials, Sales Orders and Multi Branch. The result is one of the best fully integrated cutting edge web applications on the market, incorporating:

  • Individual logins with different security levels
  • Easy searching of products by Category, Group and Brand
  • Multiple images per item on the product enquiry with image zoom
  • Multiple documents per product, e.g. specifications, handling instructions etc
  • ‘Specials’ landing page, with additional product highlighting, e.g. New or Clearance
  • Create favourites and template shopping carts
  • Customised pricing for individual customers
  • Product pages can be displayed in Large Image format, List with thumbnails or Plain list
  • Progress enquiry of orders placed, reviewed, picked, delivered and invoiced

Triumph ERP, Web based modules are based on a monthly charge with a minimum 12 month subscription: Triumph B2B e-Commerce is priced at $300 per month. To arrange an onsite demonstration of any of Triumph’s Web modules, B2B eCommerce, Agents Consignment Stock, Web Requestions or Web Timesheets or any of the other 28 modules from Triumph ERP Software, please contact our office on 08 94709922 or email at [email protected] to arrange.

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As of the 30th March, Triumph Version 6 is now available.

New features and benefits include:

  • New colours and ‘skins’ based around Windows 8, giving a fresh and modern feel
  • As well as older Microsoft Windows versions, Triumph 6 has been designed to operate smoothly with Windows 8
  • The ability to link external internet based documents as well as internal documents to master accounts.
  • Lookups have been enhanced to make it easier to find and see information, with the ability to add additional ‘hidden’ columns, as well as highly customisable column layouts.
  • The ability to narrow down searches by adding customisable filters
  • Changes to sub-ledger transaction enquiries to make it quicker and easier to perform searches.
  • Emailing enhancements: Triumph 6 will allow you to edit various aspects of emails before they go out, including the ability to add additional attachments.
  • User Defined Columns: Triumph 6 allows you to store your own additional information in various master accounts and transactions with full lookup and filter compatibility
  • Changes to make it easier to reverse or repeat a debtors and creditors invoices or to issue credit notes
  • The ability to add notes to various transactions and master accounts
  • Various changed to Purchase Ordering and Requisitions including exchange rate locks and improved reporting functions
  • Changes to Inventory such as the addition of a ‘Bulk Bin Location’, column stock items, barcode printing flags and additional data fields for stock dimensions
  • A powerful new ‘Auto Build’ feature allows a bill of material item to be automatically built, whenever sold, if there is not enough of the finished item in stock.
  • Improved usability in the Job Costing, Point of Sale and Bank Reconciliation Modules 
  • Greater Multi-Division and –Location capacities
  • New ‘Foreign Bank Accounts’ Module enabling you to maintain, reconcile and revalue multiple bank accounts in any foreign currency
  • New Consignment stock double module providing organisations full control of stock they manage on behalf of a third party.
  • New Agent Stock Management web module enabling companies to mange stock they have consigned to agents
  • New B2B e-Commerce web module that allows customers to place orders, do their own quotes, look at the status of pending orders, enquire on stock available, enquire details on their accounts and reprint their own invoices, among others.

For a full list of all the new features offered in Triumph 6 or to discuss upgrading, please contact CA Management Services on 9470 9922 or email [email protected]

Triumph V5 Point of Sale is now reality.  Click here for more information.

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