Did you know the average cost to defend an unfair dismissal charge is…   $13,500.00

The Fairwork Act is a minefield of red tape for business owners!  For many, it’s not IF you get faced with an unfair dismissal charge but WHEN you will.

Thirteen and a half thousand dollars…

All it takes is a slip up with a procedure, or a wrongly worded written caution. Frivolous claims against employers are becoming a standard tactic for disgruntled ex-employees looking for a quick payout. Whichever way you look at it, even if you’ve tried to do the right thing, the red tape can tie you up and maybe even cripple your business financially.

It’s NOT fair. But there is something you can do about it.  You can learn how to reduce your risks now so you don’t get caught out later.

Due to an intense interest in this growing problem for business owners like you, we’ve developed and tailored our HR support to the requirements of the Small to Medium Enterprises (SME)

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