Temporary Placements

We are aware that from time to time our Clients may have employment needs on a temporary basis and no matter the reason; we are prepared to support you by finding highly qualified applicants to meet your expectations.

Temporary placement comes in play when there are:

  • Special projects/specialised work
    To ensure special skills are available when needed and maintain a competitive edge.
  • Peak workloads and work backlogs
    To reduce pressure on current permanent staff and avoid adversely affecting morale.
  • Permanent staff on leave
    To maintain workflow and avoid disruptions to production.
  • Restrictions on permanent staff recruitment/ceilings
    To reinforce permanent staff numbers for short periods, maintaining productivity and servicing customer requirements.
  • Unexpected resignations
    Maintain the status quo, avoiding any short-term instability within work areas.
  • End of financial year
    To meet deadlines and minimise disruption
  • Try before you buy
    To determine a person’s suitability prior to any permanent appointment

Our temporary employees have the support and expertise of our helpdesk Consultants that will answer any questions that you or our employees might have while doing an assignment. In doing so this process helps to minimise errors and provide a superior customer care to our clients.