Chances are when things go wrong, you call your computer support company for help.  They arrive and fix the problem.  But fixing the problems is the easy part.  Preventing them is another matter.  A CA Management Services Proactive Maintenance Service provides a means of preventing issues before they happen.

By maintaining proactive management of your systems, they can be kept up-to-date, secure and efficient and disastrous situations can be avoided by actioning on them in a timely, proactive manner, rather than reacting when it is too late.  Real time monitoring of your system gives you the edge and maintains maxium productivity.  By way of live monitoring of your system's critical areas, CA Management Services can respond quickly to failures and more importantly foresee imminent issues before they affect your day-to-day business.

Wouldn't it be handy to know your server was reaching capacity before it fell over or to know your tape backup was failing before you needed to use it?

Pro-Active Supportimages 1

Our objective is to help you achieve your business goals by providing end-to-end business and technology management solutions. With IT playing such an important role in most companies, there is an increasing demand for 24x7 access. If you want to anticipate problems before they hit your business, you will want to consider CA Management Services' Pro Active Support Plans.


The main function of our Proactive Support is to anticipate network problems and implement measures to correct them before any significant outage occurs. By identifying issues in advance of a system outages, our helpdesk minimises, and in most cases, eliminates costly downtime.


This level of attention also ensures you gain a head start on issues that might otherwise remain unattended until a technician is present at the affected site. Corrective action can then be taken and the problem rectified, before it becomes a major issue .







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