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In today's competitive business environment, successful organisations must constantly improve business performance to stay ahead.


As the desktop and networking environments become increasingly complex, more and more organisations are finding it difficult and costly to manage them inhouse. Managing Microsoft environments requires specialised training and tool-sets. Specialists with the right IT support skills are often scarce and expensive. Technology evolves rapidly and controlled company-wide standards are necessary across both hardware and software, to ensure cohesion and order.

Contracting out non-core activities to specialist providers is a strategy deployed by successful organisations to help reduce costs. Specifically, Help Desk Support for IT is an area where the potential benefits of outsourcing are great. Standardised systems running on common infrastructures, together with timely support, mean increased end-user productivity - enhancing the performance of your business.

Outsourcing also makes sound financial sense. Reducing the time spent supporting the environment lowers staff overheads. You also speed up the pace at which you can embrace the new technologies that are going to make your business more competitive. What's more, with completely predictable monthly costs, that can be structured on a Pay as You Use basis, you have greater control over your budgets, improving cashflow.

CA Management Services Helpdesk provides a cost-effective outsourcing solution to help meet changing business demands, sustain growth and protect your existing technology investment. Letting us take care of day-to-day support frees you and your staff to concentrate on primary business objectives.

How does a help desk work?


CA Management Services’ Call Centre provides a single point of contact for all user queries or problems. Calls can be logged by telephone, email or via our website.  Users will then be contacted immediately by our support staff to resolve the problem.  


Remote control tools allow experienced technicians to remotely control computers and administer user support. An onsite technician (via a service level arrangement) is also in place to attend to problems that are unable to be resolved remotely. Low subscription levels ensure prompt attention to your calls.


Sometimes you don't need a lenghtly conversation or an on-site visit to resolve an issue, so our highly trained technical consultants are available by telephone or email to answer any questions you might have about your computer systems.  Our flexible support plans save you money and the worry or receiving a bill every time you use support.


Our advanced remote support software allows us access to any computer anywhere in the world as long as it as internet access.  Fast response with no travel time.


Technology Customer Care Plan

You can join our Technology Customer Care Plan. Our Technology Customer Care Plan covers you for any workstation or network queries. This includes hardware, printers, Microsoft Office, email, internet, virus related issues and any other questions on your technology.

• Level 1: Single Workstation - $35 per mth +GST
• Level 2: Up to 10 Workstations - $55 per mth +GST
• Level 3: Up to 20 Workstations - $70 per mth +GST
• Level 4: Up to 40 Workstations - $90 per mth + GST
• Level 5: 40+ Workstations per server - $55 per mth + GST

Please note:
• Non-metro clients will be charged the above plus 25%
• Multiple Site clients will be charged on the total number of Users or Pc’s

Should you wish to take up both Business Software and Technology Support Plans we will reduce the overall support plan fees by 20%.


The second format is on a pay as you use basis. All calls are logged and charged out at $60 plus GST per 15 minutes with a minimum of $60 plus GST per call. Any support calls direct to a consultant’s mobile will also be charged at non-contract rates.





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