Spyglaz has entered into a strategic international partnership with Australia-based CA Management Services Pty Ltd to distribute Spyglaz in the Australian market.

Spyglaz founder Neeraja Rasmussen gives her viewpoint on why this creates a win-win for both parties:

“We’re excited by the opportunities this new relationship will create. This will give Spyglaz a strong, local presence in Australia while simultaneously providing CA Management with a powerful tool to help their clients sell more.”

CA Management Services founder Colin Atkinson also weighs in:

“I’ve found that Spyglaz addresses a business need that no one else does. Spyglaz delivers the best recommendations so that my client’s sales teams have the ability to prioritize their sales efforts and increase their chances of closing the sale.”

Spyglaz was founded in 2015 by a team of experienced professionals each with 15+ years of Fortune 500 and startup experience. The founding team’s mission is to simplify sales analytics and deliver an easy and accessible service to companies of all sizes. Spyglaz uses proprietary algorithms to analyze patterns in their clients’ sales data to identify those leads that are most likely to result in a sale, including which product or service they are most likely to purchase.

Please visit www.spyglaz.com to learn more about the capabilities of Spyglaz.