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Hosted by CA Management Services, the Business Seminar Series are a range of FREE monthly presentations and workshops designed to give you the practical secrets and tips for business success. All sessions will be held at 88 Burswood Road, Burswood.

All Sessions will have two speakers.  Session one will run from 8.30 to 9.15 and session two will run from 9.30 to 10am.

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Session 1 - Wednesday 17th May 8.30am - 10.00 am (2 speakers)


How the government will support you in tackling overseas markets to grow local Western Australian Businesses

Presented by Simon Loader


Why do we get stuck in a receding market of 2.4 million people when there are large markets with 500 million plus people less than 4 hours away.

  • Find out how to grow your business internationally
  • Find out how you can access hundreds of thousands of dollars to enable this growth
  • Find out practical steps to realise international opportunities



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Did you know the average cost to defend an unfair dismissal charge is... $13,500.00

Presented by Danny Ramsawmy

Fairwork Act is a minefield of red tape for business owners! For many, it’s not IF you get faced with an unfair dismissal charge but WHEN you will. 

The Briefing covers these valuable business owner topics:

  • Unfair Dismissal Claims - It’s Not IF but WHEN.
  • Bullying – Could You be a Bully?
  • OHS – When is Safe NOT Safe

This Exec Briefing is presented by Danny S Ramsawmy, CA’s Human Resource Manager. Danny knows his stuff! (B Comm, Post Grad Dip, MBA(HRM Specialisation),Prince 2 Project Management and CAHRI). Danny is a Certified member of the Australian Human Resource Institute with many years of experience in Recruitment, Human Resources Management and Project Management. Throughout the last 18 years working in HR, he has enjoyed helping many of our CA clients with HR issues.


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Session 2 - Tuesday 13th June 8.30am - 10.00 am (2 speakers)


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Business Software Challenge

Presented by Colin Atkinson, CA Management Services 

What is out there and what is best for your business?  Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks are great for beginners but where do you go then?

Do you go with add-ons or look at the complete systems?

Are you going to run it on the cloud or on your own premises?

What else do you need to consider when making these decisions?


Colin, BSc, ACA, MACs, is one of the few Chartered Accountants who has been recognised as an IT Specialist by the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Colin has over 30 years of exper

ience installing all the major SME business packages and can share the practical things you need to implement these essential strategies.

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How to work with digital media to grow your business - journalists, bloggers and social media influencers. 

Presented by Sue Papadoulis

The media world is rapidly moving online - and this presents some exciting new opportunities for business owners to get more exposure than ever before.  

Getting your message in front of your target market now means a mix of working with journalists, bloggers and influencers.  You'll learn


  • The importance of working with bloggers - who are they and how can they help you
  • How to work with digital news, TV, newspapers, magazines and radio - how have things changed in the digital era and why it means you can get even more exposure.
  • The rise of the 'influencer' - what is an influencer, how do they promote businesses
  • The value of 'opinion pieces' in news - what are they, how to get yours published.


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Session 3 - Tuesday 18th July 8.30am - 10.00 am (2 speakers)


Mike Macliver

How to be more effective and efficient by using smarter business software.

Presented by Mr Michael Macliver, Triumph Business Systems

This seminar is designed to equip growing businesses that need to be smarter. See how to use scanners for stocktaking, issuing of stock, paperless picking of orders in the warehouse, integrating your stock system from your webshop and your bricks and mortar shop and getting efficient ordering of stock happening, Using Dashboards and KPI reporting to get instant results on your phone on your desktop.

There is so much more in today’s business systems that drive the business far more than what the classic accounting systems that eg Paperless Picking, eCommerce, Consignment Stock, Web Requisitions and Business Intelligence - The main focus will be on tech rather than different systems

Mike has been the MD of Triumph ERP for over 25 years. Triumph has been the financial package of choice for hundreds of Australian businesses across a wide range of industries including government, manufacturing, mining, distribution and retail.


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How to boost your cashflow.

Presented by Simon McGrath

Learn how to unlock your Receivables in your business by using the latest cloud technology and Xero & MYOB.  Find out how various financing arrangements can boost your Cashflow and improve your business survivability and profits.


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Session 4 - Tuesday 8th August 8.30am - 10.00 am (2 speakers)


steve schupp

Cyber criminals are effective and efficient: Are you protected?

Presented by Steve Schupp, Astrisk Information Security Pty Ltd

Cyber crime is financially motivated, and the criminals have refined their techniques, including ransomware, wire fraud, invoice scams and information theft. Many SME's are vulnerable, and the impact to business from these attacks can be great. Steve Schupp will provide an update on cyber security hot issues and provide practical advice to protect your business and personal life in the online world.

Steve Schupp has been providing Australian companies with security advice, guidance and solutions for over 15 years. In his role as a founding Principal Security Consultant of Asterisk Information Security, Steve works with customers ranging from large enterprises in government, financial and resources sectors, to mid-market commercial organisations and small businesses. Steve understands all aspects of security solutions; including regulatory issues, governance and audit requirements, technical deployment and integration.


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Do you want to improve your website and get extra conversions?

Presented by Richard Keeves

Turn more website visitors into customers! You increase your revenue and massively boost your profits because you make more sales with less waste and without more marketing expenses. In this special presentation by ecommerce conversion guru Richard Keeves, you will learn the fundamentals to make extra conversions and a lot more money. Extra conversions is smart business. Stop wasting money and start making more…


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Session 5 - Tuesday 12th Sept 8.30am-10.00am (2 speakers)

Ron Gibson

Profitable Networking growing your business in a touch economy

Presented by Ron Gibson, Go Networking

Would you like to attract and land more customers each month?

Growing your business in a touch economy requires some re-thining for your sales team.  Come to this session and learn what's working for other successful business people.

Your presenter, Ron Gibson is Australia's leading professional expert in generating business thru networking and referrals.




Marketing 1% Series – 100 powerful marketing tactics in 15 minutes that will boost your bottom line

Presented by Simon Loader

This presentation will give you 100 different small incremental changes that you can utilise to improve your sales and marketing.

Easy to implement strategies that will have a tangible benefit to your business and sales.


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