Payroll Outsourcing: 3 Reasons why your business should

  1. Save Money. Have you considered how much preparing your own payroll in-house is costing you? A study by the Australian Bookkeepers Network showed that outsourcing payroll saved hundreds if not thousands per employee paid.

    Source: Australian Bookkeepers Network Bookies Bulletin 01 2014.


  2. Ensure Compliance. Fair Work Australia, The Australian Taxation Office, and the Office of State Revenue are all active in enforcing compliance in payroll matters. Fair Work Australia is currently conducting audits of employees in a wide range of industries including service, retail and hospitality. The rules regarding superannuation are about to change dramatically and the Australian Taxation Office has severe penalties for non-compliance. The Office of State Revenue also administers an active audit program to ensure employers meet their payroll tax obligations. It is not only expensive and time consuming to keep abreast of these multiple requirements – failure to comply can result in draconian penalties.
  3. Reduce Workplace Stress. The payroll process with all of its complexities in respect of award conditions, taxes and superannuation is a regular and constant burden. Sickness and holidays become a further source of tension as someone will have to step into the role often at short notice with insufficient training and experience. Additional stress arises when resignations, terminations and redundancies occur – there is a raft of rules covering these situations. And then there is end of year when the task of producing compliant PAYG Summaries and reconciliation of payroll must be fitted into an already busy work schedule.

CA Management Services – Payroll Bureau is the answer

Our payroll bureau is managed by Director Sue Bullen. Sue has over 30 years experience in taxation, software and all things payroll. Our payroll bureau staff are well trained and use reliable and up to date software compliant with all of the laws and regulations in respect of payroll and superannuation.

Your payroll will be quickly, accurately and without drama processed and the relevant reports emailed to you. We can send your pay advices electronically too. At end of month a full range of reports will be forwarded to you so that you can easily meet your obligations in regard to PAYG, Superannuation Guarantee, Child Support, and Payroll Tax. We can also assist with costing reports and general ledger postings.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how little this service will cost you and while we will not be the cheapest we are confident we are the best.  we are not just a processing centre.  We will review your payroll carefully to ensure that you are compliant with all laws and regulations.  Each payroll is carefully checked to ensure mistakes do not slip through when situations change.  You can be confident that terminations, ETPs, redundancies and super will be calculated accurately and within the many laws that cover these situations.  We are Single Touch Payroll ready – are you ?

To find out more information or a quote for your business contact your consultant or Sue Bullen at CA Management Services.