What are your options while being unemployed?

Unemployment for many can be a very difficult and a trying time. Besides trying to get back working, below a few tips and assistance available to you.

Government assistance

You might be entitled to income support and or unemployment benefits from the Federal Government. Please check the following link to see if you qualify https://www.humanservices.gov.au. There is also the payments finder that allows you to fill in your details to see f you qualify for it https://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/payment-finder/


Up skilling or re-assessing your situation is an effective way in getting back to the workforce. If for example, you are a storeman with 10 years of experience without a forklift licence. Attending a course that will enable you with a forklift licence will in turn increase your suitability for warehousing positions with and without a forklift licence. Please talk to a career advisor of us about the trends in the market. Austudy, ABSTUDY, youth allowance and Hecs are some of the funding and grants available from the government for people looking at training, studying or changing a career path all together.

Money Smart

Changing your lifestyle and prioritising on the essential and cutting out the luxuries is always a challenging decision. This can at times be an emotional and overwhelming decision and lots of support is available from the money smart website on how to save money and the do’s and don’ts. https://www.moneysmart.gov.au/ . There financial calculators, apps and advices that you will find very useful.

Other Government support

Childcare costs while you are looking for work or getting training that will lead to employment. https://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/centrelink/jobs-education-and-training-child-care-fee-assistance

Beyond Blue is an Organisation that assist job seekers that are fighting depression and high level of stress and anxiety. https://www.beyondblue.org.au/

Rent assistance or a freeze on your mortgage repayments are other ways the Government are assisting unemployed people to make ends meet. Most Banks give temporary reliefs for mortgage repayments and more information is usually available from your financial institution or the Financial Ombudsman http://www.fos.org.au/.

Apprentice, Mature employees and disabled employees

There are a few different government assistance for the apprentice, older Australians and the injured or disabled job seekers. Please have a read of the supports available



Talk to us

The market has changed and so has the expectations . The team at CA management have been on the front foot and have organised the different TLC to assist job seekers;

1. Training or seminars on the do’s and don’ts in an interview, your interviewing skills and preparing your resume.

2. Accounting software training

3. Testings – From a manual bookkeeping test to computerised Word and excel testings, find out how much you know?