JIWA Financials is a fully integrated, 100% Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server solution containing all the ledgers and functions expected of modern accounting systems with specific functions to cater for organisations in a wide range of industries.

The following functions distinguish JIWA from its competitors:

  • Exceptional access to information – JIWA provides fast access to “user specific” on-screen information and exceptional reporting to improve decision making, customer service and sales
  • Provision of efficient “real-time” processes that reduce staff time – especially in the areas of inventory control, backorder processing, purchasing, sales order entry, invoicing and importing
  • Accurate stock costing and stock tracking
  • Efficient general ledger & cashbook functions
  • Data integrity and software performance – even with massive transaction and user numbers


JIWA provides efficient workflows & better business control through:

  • Accurate stock tracking throughout the entire sales and purchasing cycles
  • Accurate stock costing with variables such as weight, size, cost, quantity or your own methods to allocate indirect costs
  • Efficient methods to account for unexpected manufacturing input or production quantities
  • Your stock can be sold and dispatched as soon as received from suppliers, even before stock costs have been finalised
  • Maintenance of forward orders to facilitate just-in-time ordering
  • Efficient workflows to handle multiple sites, multiple warehouses, multiple bin locations and consignment stock
  • Comprehensive on-screen information in all areas including drill downs
  • Reporting over many financial years on small or large segments of the business
  • Ability to produce your own reports using MS-Excel, Crystal Reports or MS-Access

JIWA provides increased productivity & higher margins through:

  • Automated invoice, picking slip and report production based on your business rules
  • Automated backorder fulfilment – supporting multiple suppliers of the one item with each suppliers’ product code
  • Automated information “pop-ups” when required based on your business rules, such as your customers’ recent purchases, previous purchase prices, alternate products
  • Automatic production of purchase orders based on either your simple or complex business rules
  • Fast allocation of indirect costs to stock values when importing or transferring goods
  • Fast access to information (such as stock availability, order status, last purchase and sales prices) through only a few mouse clicks
  • Automated emailing/faxing to your customers and your suppliers
  • Fully integrated functionality that eliminates double entry of information
  • Friendly Microsoft Windows user interface that facilitates ease of use, fast access to information and lower training costs

The majority of JIWA users are Importers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Service-Repairers and companies placing importance on their reporting requirements.



To find out more about JIWA, including how well it may be suited to your business, please feel free to contact CA Management Services