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At CA Management Services, we have been helping businesses grow since 1986. Our Human Resources Management team has become a proven formula in assisting clients reduce turnover, improve morale, increase productivity and build a dynamic culture for their businesses to grow.

From writing job descriptions, developing KPI and compliance procedures, to conducting an exit interview, as your external HR consultant, we have the expertise and know-how to assist your business. Unlike many national HR consultancy firms, with CA Management Services you can be sure of a personalised level of service that will meet and exceed the standards of any national HR firm. Our dedicated team of HR consultants are not only fully qualified in human resource management but have unparalleled experience drawn from years of professional service.

Unlike many recruitment agencies in the marketplace, CA Management Services’ point of difference is our HR experience. While selecting and recruiting the right staff is an integral part of any employer-employee relationship, this is only the first step. For the relationship to flourish, it is necessary to provide the right working environment and a best-practice commitment. 

Qualified Personnel and Recruitment

Few business decisions are as challenging as choosing the people who will work in your organisation. To achieve maximum productivity, it is important that you have the best possible selection procedures at your disposal. Successful recruitment leads to successful long term relationships with people who are compatible with your company’s goals.

The difficulty of the task is significantly reduced using CA Management Services staff recruitment professionals. A special computer testing facility ensures only those candidates who demonstrate the qualifications and aptitude to meet your requirements are recommended to you. This special process also ensures that any prospective recruit is familiar with your systems.

When your recruitment professionals undertake a personnel search, you are using some of the best expertise available. A detailed analysis of your need ensures your new permanent staff are fully trained on your systems. Every small detail is covered, including four hours of free training provided to every successful candidate and a full replacement guarantee.


Business fluctuations often create the need for additional or replacement temporary personnel. Extra people may be needed for just one day or for several weeks. You need to know that any temporary staff you hire are immediately productive in your business. Temporary staff from CA Management Services have one thing in common. They know how to use your office systems.

In addition, every temporary placement has direct access to our consultants for immediate support at no extra charge. And you can depend on a full replacement warranty if a person proves unsuitable. With temporary staff from CA Management Services, your business operates at maximum efficiency during times of heavy demand, or when staff are on sick leave. You pay only an hourly rate while we take care of all on-costs such as superannuation, payroll tax, workers compensation and annual leave.

 Specialising in accountants, bookkeepers and office staff

  • Temporary and permanent placements
  • Expert selection ensures immediate productivity
  • Testing on accounting systems and manual bookkeeping
  • Tailored HR consultancy and advice
  • Helping businesses grow since 1986
  • Triumph ERP, Attaché, Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, JIWA, Wage Easy and more