What is accounting in the cloud?

Accounting software with a ‘cloud’ component enables accounting data to be stored securely off-site on servers managed by an external provider. This means you can access up-to-date files remotely from anywhere, in real time.

What are the benefits of cloud accounting?

Working in the cloud gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime. Your files are ‘live’ so are always kept current and up to date. Cloud technology allows you to store and share your files safely online rather than using less secure methods like email or storage devices. With a MYOB AccountRight subscription, shared files can be worked on at the same time by unlimited authorised users.

What’s the difference between browser-based and cloud-based software?

Browser-based software runs on internet browsers such as Internet Explorer® or Google Chrome™ and requires an internet connection to work. Cloud-based software is accessible online but your files or library is also made available on your local computer. no need to rely on your internet connection.

You have the flexibility to store your files: In the cloud where users can access the most recent files – the most accessible and safe way to store them

  • On your computer’s hard drive or local server.

What security measures are in cloud computing?

A MYOB AccountRight subscription uses a secure gateway which only grants access to pre-authorised users. You can store and share your files safely online rather than using less secure methods like email or storage devices. MYOB has worked closely with Microsoft® to design an online architecture solution which meets industry best practice standards.

Do MYOB’s cloud servers have enough storage capacity?

The Windows Azure infrastructure is designed to dynamically expand as demand increases. This means it has almost infinite capacity to store company data files so you never have to worry about storage space.

Who owns the data?

Ownership of the data always remains with the person who subscribed to MYOB AccountRight.

Is my data at risk if it’s stored offshore and something happens to that country?

Your data is backed up every day, and in the unlikely event of an incident your files will be replicated and saved. This system backs up files locally as well as onto servers in another location. Our storage and restoration infrastructure was designed to best practice standards in conjunction with Microsoft.

Where will my data be stored?

Your company files are stored in Australia on servers in Microsoft’s secure data hosting centres.

How do I control access to my data?

Files hosted on MYOB AccountRight are managed and accessed through my.MYOB. Only authorised users and administrators can access your information.

What if I lose my internet connection?

MYOB AccountRight allows you to view a read-only copy of your Company File so you can continue working without an internet connection.

How does anywhere access apply to my accountant or bookkeeper?

MYOB AccountRight allows you to invite your staff, accountant or bookkeeper to access your accounts in the cloud and collaborate on your data, wherever they are. An audit trail gives you a record of which authorised user has accessed your data and what they’ve done in that time.

What happens to anywhere access if I cancel my MYOB AccountRight subscription?

You can only access and maintain your accounts online if you have a subscription to MYOB AccountRight. If you do decide to cancel your subscription, your data becomes read only.