All users who report to the ATO via magnetic media are required to fill out the Magnetic Media Information form.

Attaché Software STRONGLY urges you to read the information contained in the the ATO. Payers Reporting by Magnetic Media before you commence your end of year. In this bulletin you will find information on magnetic media reporting, the forms you need to complete and details on printing plain paper payment summaries.

What is the Magnetic Media Information form?
The Magnetic Media Information form contains your contact details and a name or identifier that links your form with your magnetic media. This form must be sent with your magnetic media to Magnetic Information Processing Services (MIPS).

When MIPS receive the file, an acknowledgement receipt is sent to the postal address specified in the magnetic media. If the magnetic media has been damaged and MIPS are unable to read the file, MIPS will contact you using the information on the form. The name or identifier you write on the form and the magnetic media helps the ATO match your magnetic media with your contact details.

This form is the only way for MIPS to know who any damaged data belongs to and how to contact you for a replacement file.

The required file for the 2007/2008 financial year is attached.

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