Points to consider when entering pays.

– Lines print on Pay Advices in the order of the entry on the Timesheet or if consolidating Income codes, in the order of first occurance.

– On Timesheet or Adjustment entry, a suggested order of selection would be Income codes, Allowances, Deductions, Employer Super Contributions, then Bank Lines. Comment lines may be inserted as required.

– Banking lines, if required, should be the last lines selected on the Pay Advice, with a remainder Bank Line selected as the final Bank Line. Value or Percentage type lines, must appear before the Remainder line. If not, the entire Banking amount will be banked to the remainder account and the other banking lines will be ignored.

– On Pay Advices, Income codes will consolidate for lines of the same line type, same rate, and same Income Code.

– If a line does not appear on the timesheet, it will not be paid e.g. banking or leave loading.

– All casual employees must have an Employer Super Contribution, % of Calculated Paid Monthly line on their Standard Pay for the Super to calculate and reset at the end of the Month. If the super line is deleted from a pay, then this pay will not be included in the calculations.

– When paying Annual Leave to an employee, Leave Loading is not automatically paid. Leave Loading must be paid as a separate allowance line.