Database maintenance explained

Performing regular maintenance on your company file is essential for reliable operation.


Over time, as data is entered and deleted from a company file, particularly where transactions are deleted, blank spaces are left behind in the database, making it larger than it needs to be and requiring more resources than necessary.

The Optimisation Assistant will compact the company file, removing the blank spaces from your company file in a process similar to that performed by Disk Defragmenter on your hard disk. The Optimisation Assistant also updates what are known as company file indexes, which are lists of the order in which information is stored to facilitate retrieval.

We recommend running the Optimisation Assistant on a regular basis to make sure that your data is stored in the most efficient structure and to ensure that there are no issues within the file.  Please also run the Optimisation Assistant any time you receive an AccountRight termination error or if the program does not close down correctly.

Each time an Optimisation is completed an automatic backup is created in the same folder where company file is located and will be named yourfilename.bak

The Optimisation Assistant can be launched two ways, either from within the company file or alternatively from the software folder found in the Start menu.

To optimise the company file from within the company file, go to the File menu and choose Optimise Company File.
To optimise your company file without opening it:

  1. Go to the Windows Start Menu, choose All Programs, MYOB Premier (or the version of the software you are using), MYOB Tools then click MYOB Optimisation Assistant.

  2. Click Next then click the Find File button to select the company file you want to optimise.

  3. Click Next twice more and the optimisation will begin.

Note: Company file optimisation should only be performed locally, not across a network. Optimising across the network takes more time and increases the chance of company file corruptions. If your company file is stored on a server, we would recommend either optimising from the server or copying the file locally.

Error received during the Optimisation Assistant

When the Optimisation Assistant is running, it searches the company file for spaces within the data structure and re-orders the data. It is also a good tool to identify any company file corruptions within the file.