You may need to enter an Adjustment pay for a number of reasons including:
Earnings costed to an incorrect cost centre or income code 

Incorrect tax deduction

It is not necessary to enter a correcting Adjustment pay for a pay entered within the same pay run. Pays can be modified until included in the Process Pay.

Points to consider:



If you choose Empty or Standard Pay, only pay components will display. Hours or values must be calculated and entered manually. Tax will be calculated automatically but can be overridden.

If you choose Other Pay, you can select to read in any of the pays on file for this employee using Find (F2) on the Pay Number field. Tax will show as per the original pay. Reverse (F8) can be selected on the Header which means the pay will be displayed in reverse and can then be modified if necessary.


Enter a brief description for this Adjustment pay. This description will display on the Pay Details Report and on Enquiries on the pays.

Pay Advice Required

Should payment information be generated for this pay?

‘Yes’ will generate payment details such as a pay advice, cheque or bank transfer transaction etc. but will do so for a positive adjustment only. 

If ‘No’ is selected, only figures will be updated but no pay advice or payment details will be generated such as cheque, coinage or bank details. Enter ‘No’ if only adjusting figures or cost centre details etc. 

If ‘Yes’ is entered for both a timesheet and an adjustment within the same pay run for the same employee, both will generate a pay advice.


Add or modify lines as required. 
Check to ensure that the Gross, Tax and Net figures are correct before accepting the pay. 
Auto Tax can be overriden.


Monthly Income for Super for Casual Employees does not update for Adjustments, only Timesheets.