Change the subject line on forms emailed

/Change the subject line on forms emailed

Change the subject line on forms emailed

The appearance of the subject line and the file attachment for forms emailed is configurable in Triumph 5.0.  Known as the The Form Mask it is applied system wide or for an individual company with the later taking precedence.

How to change The Form Mask.

The form mask is described in a section of the triumph.ini file.  This file exists in the lib folder but may also be found for each individual company.  The section below shows the standard settings or defaults.



SubjectMask=%n: %r

Edit triumph.ini and modify the tokens to the right of the ‘=’ sign with any of the combinations from the table below.








Form Report Namedbrinv


Form DescriptionTax Invoice


Account No.ACTION


Docket Reference No.I1092


Fax No.