This is simple in version 4.
You’ll need to know where you saved the document that you want to hold against the stock item.
Go to I-F-A and choose your stock item.
Now go to the Documents tab at the bottom of the screen.
Now click on the Link icon on the right.
Go find your document that you wish to attach, highlight it and select Open.
The document will now be listed on the documents tab.
To open it, either double click on it or highlight it then press Open.


In versions previous to version 4 do the following :
The document has to be placed in the images folder OR you can create a shortcut to where the original document may be found.


The entire filename may only be 10 characters long. What this means if you have a document called ‘Installation Notes.pdf’ when the shortcut is created in the images folder it must be 10 characters including the hidden ‘.lnk’ e.g. ‘in.pdf.lnk’. Once the shortcut is in the images folder you can either double-click or Alt+O to open the document which is done via the windows file type association.

Also we recommend you use a PDF format.