To format the details section to display in mulitiple columns:

1. On the ‘Format’ Menu, click ‘Section’. This opens the Section Expert dialog box.

2. On the ‘Sections’ list, Click the details section.

3. On the ‘Common’ tab, select the ‘format with multiple columns’ option. A new tab called ‘Layout’ appears.

4. On the ‘Layout’ tab, specify the formatting for the columns:

* Enter the width of the column in the ‘Width’ box, (you can set the height by dragging the section borders in the Design view of the report)

* Enter the space between labels going across the page in the ‘Horizontal gap’ box

* Enter the space between labels going down the page in the ‘Vertical gap’ box.

* Selet the printing direction, Across then Down or Down then Across.

* If the report is grouped, and you would like the group headers and footers to display in multiple column format as well, select the option ‘format groups with multiple columns’.

5. Click ‘OK’ to return to the report. The report now displays the details in multiple columns.