Using the Time Entry (F5) function key enables “hours worked” to be easily entered from timecards for Timesheets and Adjustments.

After entering the Income code and pressing Time Entry (F5) on the hours field, a popup will display allowing up to 20 Start/Stop times to be entered.

When entering Start/Stop Times it is safer to use a twenty four hour clock, however, if the Start/Stop Time you will be entering totals under 12 hours a normal clock can be used.

e.g. 8:30am to 3:15pm can be entered as:
Start 8:30 Stop 3:15
Start 8:30 Stop 15:15

When Accepted, the Start/Stop times will calculate the number of hours worked and subsequently transfer the total hours entered on the popup screen to the hours field. You can accept or change the number of hours calculated.

Note: This would be required for each Income type on the timesheet. Normal hours are not automatically separated into Overtime or any other Income type.