Circumstances occur where a pay may required to be reversed. For example: the pay may have been entered in error, a pay was generated by mistake, or perhaps a component of the pay was incorrect.

The reverse function only needs to be used where pays have already been processed. Prior to this a pay can be modified or deleted so will not need to be reversed.

To reverse a pay:

1. Select Adjustment Pays.

2. Enter the relevant Employee Code.

3. In the Function field, select “O” for Other Pay. The “Pay Number” will be displayed.

4. If the pay number is unknown, press Find (F2) to select the relevant history transaction.

5. Once the correct pay has been selected, press the Reverse function key. Note that the Tax Period number will now be negative and the whole pay will have been reversed.

6. The Adjustment Pay can now be Accepted.

Note: Reverse will not reinstate a Terminated Employee. This must be done manually via Maintain Employees.