The last entitlement date for Leave defaults to an employee’s start date. Therefore, if an employee needs to have an anniversary date other than their start date, it is necessary to over ride the date on the employee masterfile.

Examples of where Specific Entitlement Dates are required would be:

– Where an employee initially starts employment as a casual not accruing annual leave, then changes to full time employment, accruing annual leave. Their leave anniversary date would then default to their start date, not the date they started full time employment.

– Where employees are required to take their annual leave when the company closes down over the Christmas break, the anniversary date would be the close down date. Thus all employee’s entitlements would be available to be taken at the same time.

To set up the correct default date on the masterfile, change the Last Entitlement Date to the required date.

Note: You should enter the date of the Last anniversary, e.g. if the entitlement date is to be 23.12.2001, then the date entered onto the masterfile will be 23.12.2000. Do not change the Leave accrued up to and including date, as this will affect the amount of leave accrued.