You have two choices.

1.) You can let each of your staff members choose their own background which will be specific to the PC they are working on. To change this, you need to replace the tabkgrnd.bmp file with one that you prefer. This file is found on EVERY pc in the c:\Program Files\VDF7\bitmaps directory. It must have this name but you can rename one of your own files to see what you like.

A good thing to try first is changing your Windows background to the file you have chosen and have it set to be tiled. This will give you an indication of what it will look like in Triumph.

2.) The other option is for you to control what all people will see on their screens. By placing a file called tabkgrnd.bmp in your normal dat directory e.g. f:\apps\triumph\dat then all users will see the same. A file placed here will take precedence over a file placed in the local PC’s directory. This option is often used by clients who have more than one company and want to determine which one they are in. By utilising this method, different companies can display different bitmap backgrounds.

Please refer to the attached documents.

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