During January it is all too easy to accidentally key incorrect dates, especially when entering transactions. Here are two handy tips to help you avoid these common errors.

Turn on date checking

Date error #1 A user changes the month from January back to December but forgets to change the year, resulting in a date such as 21/12/2009 being recorded – a future-dated transaction.

Date checking lets supervisors set a limit on the range of dates that a particular user can enter. It applies to all date fields throughout the software.

To activate date checking, choose File | Maintain Users | Maintain and then select an appropriate option in the Date Checking area. The default date range is 60 days before or after the Attaché date. To change the default simply type the Number of Days you require.

Turn on four-digit years

Date error #2 A user, when attempting to change the year, accidentally types the century in the year field because they habitually type years as four digits. For example, attempting to enter 21/12/2008 results in 21/12/2020 being recorded.

By default, Attaché 7 requires only the last two digits of a year to be entered. Users accustomed to entering four digits can change their default to four-digit years.

To turn on four-digit years, select File | User Preferences and select Enter years as four digits in the Display Properties area. Remember to sign on again for the change to take effect.

These handy features were introduced in Attaché 7 version 7.01.10x (November/December 2008). If you haven’t already, you’ll need to upgrade to Attaché 7 version 7.01.10x to use these new features.