If an employee is away on Annual Leave you may wish to stop their pay processing until they return.

When processing the last pay for a time, select ‘Yes’ on the Stop Pay after this Pay field. A date field will display. Enter the date this employee is to receive their next pay.

During the Process Pay, this date will update the ‘Stop Pay Until’ date on the Employee Masterfile. Once the date is passed, the field on the masterfile will automatically clear. This field can be cleared or modified via Employee Maintenance at any time.

If a transaction entry occurs before the Stop Pay Until date has passed, a warning will display ‘Pay stopped until….., Continue?

If you choose to continue, a pay will be processed for that employee and the ‘Stop Pay Until’ date will be cleared from their masterfile, or replaced if another Stop Pay date was entered on this transaction

Note: It is particularily important to use this feature for Auto Pay Employees as their pays would otherwise continue to be processed whilst away. Auto Pay Employee codes will not show in the Employee code field in transaction entry automatically. Use Find to locate the employee code.