F9 Software Report Wizard

Report Analysis
Analyze a multi-company, multi-department, multi-month report and see which accounts are missing or duplicated.

F9 can consolidate general ledgers that do not share the same account structures or are from different accounting systems. All with the push of a button.

Mining Information with F9
Take any slice of data to create a report or do analysis. F9’s hot-link technology makes your most critical business data (your general ledger) instantly accessible, solving the biggest concerns accountants have about their financial systems.

Report on Any Date Range
Many businesses require reporting for other than fiscal periods. Manufacturing, distribution, nonprofit organizations, etc. rely on evaluating information from many non-standard date ranges. With F9, you can create reports for any date range you want; a day, a week, a weekend, whatever makes sense for your business.

Drill Down
No financial reporting application would be complete without drill down capabilities. F9’s Drill Down lets you analyze any balance by the various account code segments or by the general ledger transactions that created it. You can also make use of the drill results in the body of the report for trend analysis or other purposes. Drill Down lets you explore the numbers in your reports to their origins.

Speed, Power, Ease of Use
The true value of F9 becomes apparent when you realize the scope of reporting functions that become available with this one simple GL function. Even complex reports grow easily. When one GL function is entered once and then copied to other cells the report grows. New data columns are created by copying existing columns and editing the heading. A one month report becomes a 12 month report with one COPY command!

Report Automation
Create a full-featured production reporting interface for generating consistent reports on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. F9 allows you to define and design your report quickly and easily through drop down menus and graphics.

Report Migration
F9 reports grow with your business. If and when you change your accounting database to another version or product, F9 reports can easily be migrated.

F9 is Customizable
F9 can be custom configured to any accounting or ERP package within a matter of days. Leverage your knowledge of Excel to get started and immediately benefit from this customizable solution for all of your financial reporting needs. If you know Excel, you know F9.



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