What is a CMPFile Date error in F9?


All users need read/write access to the F9 installation folder.
All users also need read/write access to the following registry keys (and subkeys)
(if 64 bit) :
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432node\Btrieve Technologies
or here (if 32 bit)
The recommended settings are attached:

Note: the screenshot has "home directory" and "trace file" set to %appdata%.  Try c:\F9 and c:\F9\MKDEWE.TRA instead, or c:\F9v5 and c:\F9v5\MKDEWE.TRA  depending on what your F9 installation folder is called


Also, please ensure that the F9 installation folder has been added to the operating systems "path" variable.
If you still have problems once all this has been done please contact our help desk and we can troubleshoot further.


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