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Soapbox Presentations at the 2018 Expo 

Wednesday, 14th March 2018. Any time between 8am and 4pm
Technology Park Function Centre, Bentley

Soap Box Presentations run for 20 minutes each between 1pm and 4pm.  Please note there will be a 20 minute break after every two sessions


1 pm – 1.20 pm Dealing with dysfunctional staff?  Some solutions.

Presented by Danny Ramsawmy, HR Manager at CA Management Services

The impact of bullying is painful and often enduring.  The least that will be expected is proper HR planning through effective implementation of policies, procedures and leadership.

Sadly, many Organisations have poor human resource planning resulting in an immediate and long-term impact on organisational functioning, employee recruitment and management policies and corporate profitability.

Exactly, how we service our cars regularly, your HR function needs constant reassessment, retooling and refocus.

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1.20 pm –