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Exhibitors at the 2018 Expo 

Wednesday, 14th March 2018. Any time between 8am and 5pm
Technology Park Function Centre, Bentley

 Exhibitors at the 2018 Expo 


Triumph is an affordable and comprehensive entry level *ERP system. Triumph’s modular design and true multi-user, multi-function flexibility allow it to grow with your business, either -in the cloud or on premise. Hundreds of organisations across Australia in many industries use Triumph for managing everything from small business operations to complex applications such as B2B e-commerce, multi-division accounting and foreign currency transactions. Triumph is developed in Western Australia by Accountants and IT professionals. Triumph has been delivering real world business solutions for more than 26 years.

Triumph will drive and manage your whole company and integrate all the business processes, including full inventory control, 360° procurement, job costing, asset management, point of sale, branch reporting, consolidations, and CRM; and at a price you can afford?


* (ERP is an industry acronym for “Enterprise Resource Planning”. Broadly speaking, ERP refers to automation and integration of a company’s core business)

If you’re interested in meeting the Triumph team at the Expo, register by clicking here.


Definitiv is a simple, powerful and effective ERP for people. From on-boarding to exiting, Definitiv is paving the way in Payroll and HR management. 100% cloud-based, Definitiv makes people management simple, convenient and quick.

Eliminating spreadsheets and manual processes, Definitiv takes care of all your Payroll, HR, rostering, Work Scheduling, Time and Attendance and Reporting in one convenient platform.

Regardless, of whether your staff are in the office or out-and-about, Definitiv is always there. Employees can check their upcoming roster, submit timesheets, apply for leave and access their payslips from any device, including through the new Definitiv Apps.

Definitiv is a modern Payroll platform, designed to meet the needs of Australian businesses today and tomorrow.

To find out more visit http://definitiv.com.au/

If you’re interested in meeting the Definitiv team at the Expo, register by clicking here..

Horizon Business Systems is WA’s leading software solution provider for MYOB EXO Business Suite and cloud solution MYOB Advanced and are a recognised industry leader for ERP knowledge, client focus and service provision since 2005.

MYOB EXO Business & MYOB Advanced ERP provides your business with a unified view of the internal and external factors to give you direct access to the ‘big picture’ information needed to make critical business decisions whilst allowing a deeper view of individual line processes and providing a clear understanding of what’s driving your business.

Horizon’s team encompasses skills in accounting, business management, SQL engineering, development & customisation and information technology and are the only WA MYOB EXO partner to provide a dedicated local Support and Consultancy team, training and regular system health checks.  This ensures that your investment in your business software solution meets the needs of your business both now and in to the future.  

Horizon Business Systems believes in building both software solutions and long term client relationships – we understand that the WA market is unique and our goal of helping your business achieve – be it growth, stability, opportunities and success – is important to us.     

To find out more visit www.horizonbiz.com.au

If you’re interested in meeting the Horizon team at the Expo, register by clicking here.



At Access Analytic, we provide AMAZING Power BI and Excel solutions that enable companies to grow faster, reduce costs and reduce risks.

 Established in 2000, we have extensive experience working with finance, HR and operational departments across a broad range of industries.

 We utilise Microsoft Power BI and Excel to deliver services in:

  •  Business Intelligence & Reporting – data analytics, KPI’s, dashboards, budgets & forecasts, and Board/management reporting.
  •  Financial Modelling – development of new models, ‘what-if’ analyses, decision support, financial transaction support/analysis, research, presentation, redevelopment or extension of existing models, and model audit/review.
  •  Training – specialised training for accountants and financial professionals in areas of financial modelling, budgeting and forecasting, dashboard design, and VBA courses.


To find out more visit www.accessanalytic.com.au

If you’re interested in meeting the Access Analytic team at the Expo, register by clicking here.

In 2013, Axito set out to prove that good corporate growth and success can be inspired by understanding winning business formulas, and replicating these for our clients.

Today, by listening, observing and learning, we can honestly say we have done exactly that.

As a boutique business consultancy armed with the best ideas, tools and expertise, we have nurtured businesses from zero to hero, and everything else in between. “

To find out more visit www.axito.com.au

If you’re interested in meeting the Axito  team at the Expo, register by clicking here



Profile Media brings a team of expert and quality journalists to your publicity campaign, without the PR-firm hype.  Our focus is to help you reach your target market in the media – whether that be on TV, radio, digital news sites, newspapers, magazines or blogs.

  • Publicity across all kinds of media to reach your target market and business capacity
  • Work with one of our highly-qualified journalists
  • A journalist’s attitude to make the story happen
  • Established media connections and relationships
  • We operate in some overseas markets

We bring our journalist “do whatever it takes attitude” to getting you publicity.


If you’re interested in meeting the Profile Media Communications  team at the Expo, register by clicking here


TimeTarget provides a complete labour and people management solution for markets with complicated work patterns and processes.

With over 1000 active clients and a presence throughout the Asia Pacific, UK and Singapore, TimeTarget services over a quarter of a million employees.

TimeTarget’s efficient software allows organisations to consolidate workforce planning; staff attendance; internal communication; task management; wage budgeting; award interpretation and payroll interfacing in a single, user-friendly system.

TimeTarget’s values are underpinned by honesty, integrity and always doing the right thing. We think broadly, encourage innovation and challenge norms to make the world a better place. We are results and output driven, looking to deliver more, with less.


If you’re interested in meeting the Timetarget team at the Expo, register by clicking here

Financials for Office 365 is multi-award winning cloud accounting software built on the Microsoft platform. We fill a big gap in the market for the aspirational SMB who want big business functionality at a small business price tag — With Finance, Reporting, Distribution, Job Costing, Manufacturing and more.


If you’re interested in meeting the Metisc team at the Expo, register by clicking here


Attaché has long been Australia’s top selling accounting and payroll software provider to mid-sized businesses. Why, you ask? Powerful sales and stock management, fast and reliable network operation and more, make it the logical next step up from MYOB & QuickBooks.

It’s fully integrated, feature rich, payroll is 100% Australian made. With 60,000+ people using our accounting systems and 500,000+ employees in Australia paid via our payroll, we’re a proven solution.

Attaché’s unique ‘pay as you use’ pricing means unrivalled flexibility with no big up-front fee. With Attaché you pay for performance – not promises! Our reputation for bulletproof reliability, top seller status and long history are evidence that we’ve found the right balance between technology and real-world business needs.


If you’re interested in meeting the Attache team at the Expo, register by clicking here.


Wage Easy Payroll is a software solution specially designed for Australian employment conditions. It’s both intuitive and easy-to-use. Our software has the only true across industry award interpreter that prepares the pay slip from a time sheet in seconds. It is easy to use and the operator no longer requires detailed knowledge of complex awards, contracts or employment agreements.

Unlike other payroll systems, Wage Easy Payroll provides true award interpretation, based on actual times worked. No matter what size your business is, there is a Wage Easy Payroll HR system to suit your needs. Wage Easy Payroll Software is the system that will totally automate and reduce your time producing the wage and managing your human resource. Established in 1993, the product has thousands of business users in Australia ranging in size from ten employees to several thousand employee multi-site operations.


If you’re interested in meeting the WageEasy team at the Expo, register by clicking here.

Fast report creation. Better decisions.Use Crystal Reports to quickly and easily produce interactive views of business data for improved insight and better decisions.Crystal Decisions software integrates all the basics of business intelligence – ad hoc query, reporting and multi-dimensional OLAP into a proven enterprise reporting and information management system which is scalable to tens of thousands of users. 

This software allows users of all skill levels to access, analyse and report valuable information from virtually any data source in the organisation, and then share that information with anyone in the enterprise who needs it.A world-standard for high-productivity reporting, Crystal Reports lets you transform almost any data into interactive content, integrate it into .NET, Java and COM applications and efficiently share it via portals, Microsoft Office documents and wireless devices.

Whether it’s the CEO looking for the quarter-end figures, the system administrator wanting to report off Microsoft BackOffice data, or anyone else in your organisation who needs better information, Crystal