If an unanticipated event such as fire, power failure, or robbery strikes your business, are you able to recover and resume business quickly? In the computer age, a large part of recovering your business lies in retrieving electronic information and reinstating your network. Saving information to a computer tape – a “backup” – is an element of Contingency Planning that many companies have in place. However, it is only a small element of a successful Contingency Plan.

There are some key questions to answer, which will help identify whether your business has an appropriate Contingency Plan in place;

  • Is the business compliant with regulatory requirements?

  • Is the Board of Directors confident that your business recovery plan is compliant?

  • Has your business recovery plan been updated in the last six months?

  • Have you performed an entire business recovery simulation exercise in the last twelve months i.e. has your backup been tested and are you sure that is it working properly?

  • Has sufficient time and resource been invested in maintaining your business recovery plan to accommodate system and business changes?

  • Do you need help in minimising your recovery costs?


If your answer is anything but yes to all of the above, then we strongly recommend your Contingency Planning strategy is addressed. A solid Contingency Plan will address the following key elements for your business:

  • Risk Assessment

  • Business Impact Analysis

  • Recovery Strategies

  • Recovery Plan Maintenance

And, as the proof is in the usage of the plan, a Contingency Planning Strategy will include comprehensive testing & training. It is mandatory to have a fully tested and up-to-date disaster recovery system, together with the technical expertise to use it in the event of a disaster. Regular reporting and audits are essential to ensuring the health of your backup system.

How does contingency planning work?

CA Management Services has an integrated program of planning for technical infrastructure and business recovery. This planning methodology is proven through a rigorous program of on-site, local and remote technical rehearsals, as well as simulated event rehearsals, which both involve all levels of personnel. We plan, rehearse, and document in a manner that will assure successful recovery regardless of the length or type of outage suffered.

Where a business has a level of contingency planning place, CA Management Services will carry out a preliminary health check. In most instances, a realistic test will reveal items and situations that will be a surprise and require attention.

Once tested and implemented, business continuity plans must be kept current. Out-of-date plans promote a false sense of security that could put the business in jeopardy. Total Control Consulting carries out regular scheduled visits to your business to perform a review of the changes within the business, staffing and processes. The plan will be revised where necessary

Rather than a little used insurance policy, the goal of our program is to make disaster recovery an integrated part of your quality program.