With Crystal Reports, you can easily deliver rich, interactive content from virtually any data source, publish it to the Web in a variety of formats and integrate it with applications. Crystal Reports is part of a suite of integrated technologies that ensure data can be accessed, analysed, reported on and delivered to any stakeholder anytime, anywhere, by any device.

Powerful Content Creation

  • Wide variety of report types. Create virtually any report you can imagine including subreports, conditional, summary, cross-tab, form, drill down, OLAP, Top N, multiple details, mailing labels.
  • Fast and easy report creation. Powerful wizards, experts and built-in functionality help novice and expert users quickly assemble highly interactive reports. Customize your reports with logos, pictures, shapes and colours. An extensive formula language gives developers full control over report formatting, complex business logic and data selection.
  • Microsoft® Office Integration. Crystal Reports Add-ins for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access make reporting from Office data a snap.
  • Interactive. Add charts, drill-down, alerting, parameter prompts, hyperlinks, geographic mapping, field highlighting, running totals, Top N, Bottom N, sorting to turn reports into compelling, interactive content.
  • Complex reports made easy. Address complex reporting requirements with expert-driven features including grouping, sorting, subreports and cross-tabs, or use the powerful formula editor.
  • Flexible information distribution. Publish reports to a variety of formats including XML, PDF, DHTML, RTF, Word, Excel, text and email
  • High performance report processing. Comprehensive support for SQL database servers enables faster report processing and better use of network resources.

Comprehensive Web Publishing System

  • As a special offer*, Crystal Reports includes Crystal Enterprise Standard – free! Crystal Enterprise is web-based, customizable and scalable enough for even the largest global enterprise.
  • Fast deployment. Rapidly deploy your web reporting solution using our new web-based report management system. Wizards distribute existing reports to the Web in just a few clicks.
  • Customizable. Customize ePortfolio, Crystal’s web desktop, to match your corporate identity or use the Crystal Web Wizard to create a tailored reporting desktop within your corporate web site.
  • Easy to manage. The Crystal Management Console provides easy administration of all objects, folders and servers.
  • Real-time or scheduled delivery. Deliver information real-time with report streaming technology or automate content generation and delivery with the flexible new scheduling feature.
  • Rich, interactive content. See interactive, presentation-quality reports in real-time, using zero-client DHTML, ActiveX® or Java™ viewers.
  • Access to all. Crystal Reports provides report access to all users, regardless of platform or location, and supports popular infrastructures including Microsoft web servers.

Flexible Developer Tools

Crystal Reports provides powerful reporting technology** for web and Windows® developers, and you don’t have to learn a proprietary programming language to get results!

  • Unprecedented flexibility and control. The Report Designer Component (RDC) provides Visual Basic®, C++ and other COM-based developers a powerful report server with a rich object model with complete control over report layout, formatting and behaviour inside database applications. 
  • Rapid application development. With the RDC, you can open, design and, modify reports inside the Visual Basic IDE using familiar Visual Basic code. Microsoft Visual InterDev® 6.0 developers can write ASP applications with integrated Crystal Reports using the same object model used in Win 32 applications. And developers using Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0 can use the Report Integration Controls to write web applications and generate Crystal Reports hosted either on a Web Report Server or an ASP Server.
  • Royalty-free runtime. Access hundreds of royalty-free runtime properties, methods and events for unprecedented control over the reporting engine.
  • Report creation at runtime. Let your users create reports – on the fly – from within your application, using report creation at runtime APIs or the drag-and-drop interface of the Embeddable Crystal Report Designer Control. Licensing fees apply.
  • Easy data access. Connect to over 30 different types of OLAP, SQL and PC databases using supported native, ODBC and OLE DB connectivity. Or report off in-memory application data.
  • Customizable viewers. Customize the zero-client DHTML, ActiveX or Java viewer to deliver rich, interactive content from applications.

Access Virtually Any Data Source

  • Microsoft Office data. Crystal Reports Add-ins for Microsoft Excel and Access make creating reports from existing Microsoft data a snap.
  • XML support. Integrate Crystal Reports with your B2B or B2C applications via XML access or export.
  • Corporate data. Connect to over 30 different types of OLAP, SQL and PC databases using supported native, ODBC and OLE DB connectivity.
  • Application data. Report off in-memory application data