Capacity Planning is required to ensure IT systems are of the right size and scope to deliver the required performance. It ensures there is smooth and efficient running of the IT system, giving fastest possible delivery of information to the business. The key to successful network capacity planning is understanding the needs of the business, together with ensuring the base line technology currently in place is adequate.

New applications, technology and users to the business, together with changing business needs, mean that the demands on networks are constantly changing.

Business networks demand end-to-end performance, including server performance, client performance, network performance and application performance. Upgrading one element without reviewing all may result in extra cost without improvements.

Maintaining network performance is a challenge to SMB IT administrators and planners. CA Management Services takes the challenge and guesswork away by providing services to optimise network performance through real time monitoring, statistical averages and proactive maintenance.

Knowing when you will likely need to update your key systems and infrastructure will enable you to effectively manage your budget and obtain maximum possible value from your existing technology investments.

How does capacity planning work?

Required improvements are identified, helping plan upgrades or resource reallocation before critical conditions occur. The network can be scaled to met the demands of your business before it experiences problems such as running out of disk space and slow network performance.