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What is Telephone Support?

Our Telephone/Web Support Plan provides users with help, assistance and advice on the most effective use of their computer hardware and accounting programs, such as how to perform tasks, use of the procedures provided, the various report options, how best to find information, the effect of changing set ups, and the operation of period end routines. The help desk is designed to quickly answer (normally up to 15 minutes) the majority of simple and day-to-day questions that you may have while operating your computer system.

The help desk is available between 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). While many issues can be resolved through the help desk, some problems may fall beyond the scope of this support service. After hours phone support is charged at normal consulting rates. In these instances, our help desk consultants will:

  • Foward the problem to an appropriate consultant, who will address it either by visiting, dialling in or resolving over the phone (which will incur a normal hourly fee).
  • Direct you to appropriate third parties if your question is outside the scope of our company


The Help Desk is available in two formats. Most commonly used is the Annual Support Contract whereby a quarterly direct debit is charged and is similar in nature to an insurance cover for any problems that may be experienced. It allows for unlimited calls to the help desk for general assistance during this time. The clients using this service are also entitled to special offers including discounted stationary and training courses.

The rate for the Annual Support Contract varies depending on your number of users and is billed quartlerly on a direct debit basis.

  • Level 1: Single User - $75 per month +GST
  • Level 2: Up to 10 Users - $120 per month +GST
  • Level 3: Up to 20 Users - $165 per month +GST
  • Level 4: Up to 40 Users - $210 per month +GST
  • Level 5: Greater than 40 Users - $225 per month +GST

Optionally, you can also join our Technology Customer Care Plan. This plan covers you for any workstations or network queries. This includes hardware, printers, Microsoft Office, email, internet, phone systems, virus issues and other other questions on technology.

  • Level 1: Single Workstation - $40 per month +GST
  • Level 2: Up to 20 Workstations - $75 per month +GST
  • Level 3: Up to 40 Workstations - $95 per month +GST
  • Level 4: Greater than 40 Workstations - $180 per month +GST

Please note:
• Non-metro clients will be charged the above plus 25%
• Multiple Site clients will be charged on the total number of Users or PCs

Should you wish to take up both Business Software and Technology Support Plans, we will reduce the overall support plan fees by 20%.

 The second format offerred is on a pay-as-you-use basis. All calls are logged and charged out at $60 +GST per 15 minutes with a minimum of $60 +GST per call. Any support calls direct to a consultant's mobile will also be charged at non-contract rates.


CA Management also rewards our loyal customers!

When you renew your annual support contract you receive vouchers entitling you to attend our Business Software training courses absolutely free! 

  • Level  1: 1 free 1/2 day accounting software course per annum (saving up to $308)
  • Level 2: 5 free 1/2 day accounting software courses per annum (saving up to $1540)
  • Level 3: 10 free 1/2 day accounting software courses per annum (saving up to $3080)
  • Level 4: 15 free 1/2 day accounting software courses per annum (saving up to $4620)


What is covered under your Technology Telephone/Web Support Contract

  • Priority given to companies under this Support Contract.
  • Support from our office based Help Desk Consultants. Telephone support (unlimited) Mon to Fri, during normal working hours 8.30am – 5.00pm. After hours phone support or mobile phone support is charged at normal consulting rates.
  • Assistance with downloading updates from the Internet.
  • Discount on our scheduled training courses for new and existing operators.
  • Our Newsletter with tips, updates and techniques (usually monthly).
  • Specials on hardware and software items.
  • Access to our Frequently Asked Questions database on the Internet (available 24 hours a day)
  • Able to download requested documents eg: month end procedures.
  • Up to 15 minutes queries on
    • Microsoft Office Products
    • Emailing issues
    • Virus related issues
    • Printing issues
    • General IT queries


What is not covered under your Technology Telephone/Web Support Contract

  • Onsite Support
  • Remote or Dial up Support
  • Assistance where by we are required to communicate with a third party on your behalf eg: your internet supplier, telephone suppliers etc..
  • Loan equipment
  • Support via mobile phones 


 For more information about CA Management's Support Packages, please contact us.



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