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Transformational ideas and software solutions to improve your

business efficiency and productivity 

You are invited to attend CA Management’s one-day

Business Knowledge and Software Expo 2018

To learn directly from tech, software and marketing experts who will share vital knowledge to hel you succeed in 2018.

It’s the place to see, hear and experience the very latest and cutting edge tools to help your business grow.

Here’s what you’ll learn:¬†

  1. What software leading businesses are using to their advantage – and how you could be doing the same
  2. How to increase sales and save time by using smarter software
  3. E-commerce conversion – how to increase revenue by turning more website visitors into customers
  4. How to work with digital media, bloggers and influencers to help your message reach a wide audience – and even go viral.
  5. How to unlock cashflow in your business with cloud accounting and financing
  6. Lucrative overseas markets – how to access government support.
  7. Cloud payroll and HR Software – how to make them work
  8. 100 small marketing ideas that make a huge difference to the bottome line

Most importantly you’ll come away with ideas that you can apply to your business immediately.