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Xero Features Dashboard Instantly see all your bank balances, recent sales and upcoming bills. Financial reporting Instant, up-to-date reporting with quick links to all the original transactions. Pay bills Manage your spending and make bill payments in bulk to creditors. Contacts See your most important customers & suppliers to follow up right away. Free online support Unlimited, around the clock email support and detailed online help centre. Inventory Track stock movements and make invoicing even easier with inventory items. Fixed asset depreciation Easily update fixed assets and depreciation schedules for accurate reporting. Multi-currency Reconcile foreign currency accounts. Gains & losses are calculated for you. Payroll Track employee pay runs and connect with your preferred payroll system. Expense claims Handle personal expenses - just review and approve receipts. Personal finance Simple budgeting tools keep you on top of spending & savings goals.



Getting started on Xero
We provide a range of Xero related services to get you started. We provide Set Up on Xero for new businesses and implementation and conversions for established businesses. We also provide one-on-one or small group training, help to work out how to get the most our of Xero, telephone support, seminars, Xero feasibility analysis, problem fixing and more. Watch the video:

Is Xero right for me?
If you are not sure whether Xero is right for you then we can analyse your needs and advise whether Xero is suitable for your business. We can work with you to decide if this is the right time for you to move to Xero contact us.

Xero Training
An absolute beginner to accounting may require 2 or more hours, whereas someone who is already familiar with an accounting system may only require 1 hour of training. its that easy!

Xero Set Up & Conversion
The cost of getting set up on Xero will depend on the complexity of your data, whether you have your opening balances and whether you want to bring in historical data. Once we have spoken to you we can give you a quote tailored to your needs. For most clients we will be able to provide a fixed cost up front so you will know exactly what implementing Xero will cost you (and when you compare this cost to the saving you will make, you will see why Xero is such a great deal). 

Need an accountant who is Xero compatible?
If you would like to change accountants to a firm that supports Xero, then simply contact us to arrange a time to set you up with a Xero-aware accountant. We work with a wide range of accounting practices, so we know we can recommend a firm that will be right for you.


To find out more about Xero, including how well it may be suited to your business, please feel free to contact CA Management Services

To read more about Triumph, go to Latest News with Xero.

To find out about the various Xero Training Courses on offer with CA Management Services, go to our Training Course's Page.




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