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 Triumph Virtual Demo Server

Triumph eCommerce Online Demonstration Site


Remote Web  Access

Simply visit

within Internet Explorer and use your login credentials to login and launch the latest Triumph applications.


Remote Desktop

Simply use the following computer address and your login details provided below;

Your login credentials are as follows;

Username:  caman

Password:  caman935

Log in to Triumph

Username:  demo

Password:   (leave blank - just press enter)


To assist you with using this demo please dowload a copy of our Triumph Demo Tutorial click here 

Please however be aware of the following limitations: 

  • Only one user can be logged in with each set of credentials at one time. This may require some co-ordinating.
  • A maximum of 5 users in total can be accessing the server at one time via either method.
  • Updates and changes may be rolled out without warning and therefore backups of any important information is recommended.
  • Will only work with Internet Explorer