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For more than 25 years, Triumph has been the financial package of choice for hundreds of Australian businesses across a wide range of industries including government, manufacturing and mining through to distribution and retail.

The reason why is simple

Specifically developed and designed for Australian businesses, Triumph is a powerful, award-winning Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Triumph allows you to manage every aspect of your business with a fully integrated package of 27 modules that seamlessly link together. And as your business develops and grows, Triumph offers an unparalleled ability to easily add on modules and users, making it the most capable entry level ERP package on the market today. Triumph includes your typical accounting modules, including accounts payable, general ledger and bank reconciliation. However, you are doing so much more than just minding your own business or doing the books quickly. Triumph’s ERP package takes your business to the next level with the power to manage and link all of the information connections across all aspects of your organisation. The system integrates all internal business functions and provides enhanced links for working with external stakeholders such as customers and suppliers. It is a vital organisational tool for small businesses through to multi-location, nationally based companies. Knowledge is power and with Triumph you have the power at your fingertips to make informed decisions in a timely manner - a vital requirement for success in business today and in the future.

Cloud–Based Solution

Triumph software can revolutionise your business with its functionality And the way you can use this software is also revolutionary. Triumph offers the simplicity of cloud-based accounting solutions as well as the traditional office-based product. Within an hour, a Triumph specialist can configure a new Cloud-based system, ready for you to start using immediately from your desktop. And the reality is that there are many advantages to utilising Cloud computing, including significant cost savings. The Hardware infrastructure employed for Cloud computing can be very basic - essentially a Windows machine with internet access is all that is required. Businesses do not have to be concerned about offsite back-ups or data loss from hardware failure, fire or theft. Support is made much easier by the fact our help desk can gain access to your fi les remotely, ensuring minimal downtime. Upgrades are built into the competitive “pay for what you use” fee structure, meaning that you will always have the latest incarnation of the software.

The Triumph Edge

  • Real-time, date-based postings to all ledgers provide a complete and accurate picture of your financial transactions at all times.
  • Comprehensive sales-order, purchase-order and job processing cycles, with integrated inventory, provide complete management of all the company processes.
  • Detailed management of inventory in multiple locations, showing available stock on hand, managed, reserved, on lay-by, ordered, backordered, delivered, invoiced, requisitioned and stock in-transit. This results in better allocation of stocks, quick response to sales enquiries and up-to-date management and reporting of stock turnover.
  • Multi-division module offers operation, accounting and consolidated reporting of different entities within the one company.
  • Foreign currency functions allow management of transactions related to overseas suppliers (purchases), customers (sales) and bank accounts alongside management of these transactions in the local currency.
  • Integrated point-of-sale system allows the linking of multiple stores to your inventory, customers and procurement functions, providing centralised reporting. Incorporates fully customisable dockets and optimisation for touch screen displays and scanners, with multiple levels of security.
  • Mobile sales on iPads and other tablet devices allow orders to be captured in the field and immediately processed in the warehouse, ensuring the best in customer service.
  • Integrated Fixed Asset module provides easy and functional accounting control over assets by allowing calculation of depreciation posted to linked financial accounts. It also provides a place to maintain lease/commercial finance and insurance information relevant to your business assets.

Triumph is designed around logical business processes and principles, it is renowned for its ease of use, which means it requires less training and support than other systems. Triumph Wizards, help screens and simplified touch-screen interfaces ensure that the increased functionality of Triumph software doesn’t come at the expense of user-friendliness.

“Triumph is a comprehensive package supplied and supported by CA Management Services an accredited Triumph reseller. CA Management Service is highly skilled in setting up the system and training personnel. An on-going software support contract ensures your system is kept up-to-date and you are kept abreast of Triumph’s continually evolving business technologies. I highly recommend CA Management Services”. 

Mr Michael Macliver Director of Triumph Business Systems.

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To find out more about Triumph, including how well it may be suited to your business, please feel free to contact CA Management Services

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