Castaway Financial Forecasting System

Importing Features

Import in multiple actual periods for balance sheet and profit and loss data in one simple import step saving you time on manual data entry.Template generation is available within Castaway for ease of creating the required importing format.

Complex Stock Modelling

Transfer and Use stock from multiple elements including Wages, Stock and Costs.

Data Links

Setup dynamic Data Links to an external spreadsheet or another Castaway file for an alternative data entry method

Complex Element Formula

Create complex formulas to determine budget data

Growth upon data entry

Fill and grow data options data entry options allow for growth assumptions when forecasting for single or multiple years.

What if Analysis

Investigate various "what if?" scenarios without changing your underlying budget data.

Multi Year Forecasting

Have up to 15 years in a single file to allow data changes in earlier years to automatically flow through to later years, with your reports & charts covering part or all of the multi year period. Special year-on-year reports & graphs are available, giving you the ability to quickly view how well you have done this year compared to the previous year.

Actual Vs Budget Comparison

 Once actuals have been entered into a forecast, Variance Reports are available for Profit and Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet. These reports show actuals, budget, variances and variance percentage (optional), for any two of; month, quarter-to-date or year-to-date representing any major discrepancies from budget to actual, helping to indicate areas that may need to be re-forecasted in the future.

Reporting Tabs always active

View report sets instantly on your main screen alongside the Forecast Explorer. Simply double click on figures in the reports to analyse them in more or less detail allowing you the option to create reports with as much or as little information as needed. Make changes to the underlining figures by double clicking again and let them automatically flow back through to the updated report.


Schedules provide you with an "audit type" trail of information which is very useful for supporting documentation to your forecast report

Chart Dashboards

Make use of the inbuilt chart dashboard that graphically represent Payments vs Receipts, Closing Bank Balance and Profit & Loss data or customise your own chart dashboards. Include up to 6 different charts on a single dashboard.

Centralised Element Default Updates

Setup and change element defaults to apply to existing or new elements. Saving you setup time by nominating general defaults for elements as well as giving you an avenue to test out alternative budgeting assumptions. For example, see the immediate effects on cashflow when updating sales terms from 60 days to 30 days.

Ability to transact through specific bank accounts

Nominate individual budget lines to transact through specific bank accounts, with different interest rates, currencies applied.


Since the introduction of GST into Australia, it has become more important to correctly project your cashflow to ensure that you have enough funds to firstly pay off existing creditors etc but also to make any necessary payments to the tax office. Castaway allows you to nominate whether or not particular records are to be GST exempt or applicable, and there is no limit to the number of different rates that can be created. Accrual & Cash Method Schemes are available as well as being able to nominate whether you will be making monthly or quarterly payments or the flexibility to manually key in a payment schedule.

Exporting Reports

Export reports sets easily to excel to be able to email to non-Castaway users. The additional benefit is having all your hard work protected from changes that they may want to make.

Consolidation & Departments

Do you have difficulty trying to consolidate figures in your spreadsheets or existing forecasting models? Castaway enables you to consolidate an unlimited number of forecasts with the Consolidation add on option. Consolidations can be multi-level, multi departmental, multi-company, multi-currency and with minority interests, to suit different company structures. Eliminations can be made for inter-company sales, purchases, loans, asset transfers, dividends, and shareholdings, with reports to support the elimination amounts so you know exactly what records and amounts have been eliminated from your reports.


Please Note: Don't spend too much time studying the information contained within this website as your time would be better spent speaking directly with a qualified Consulant and/or having a demonstration, so that your requirements may be specifically addressed.

Contact CA Management Services for more information or to arrange an online or onsite demonstration.

Telephone: 08 9470 9922

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