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Attaché BI Released

Attaché recently announced Attaché BI, their newest product offering. Attaché BI introduces a new, more powerful SQL database and an improved user experience. With expanded cloud services and mobility enhancements, Attaché BI delivers a ‘best of both worlds’ approach to data security and connected computing.

attache-BI-now-available-350x350New features of Attaché BI include:

Attaché Desktop: This new, intuitive and user-friendly business process workflow is designed to guide you through the system. There’s no need to navigate the menus anymore; screens and reports are accessible in a logical, process-orientated layout. The Attaché Deskptop also contains a series of small ‘portlets’ that provide a little window into your Attaché system and beyond. Attaché BI includes portlets that provide dynamic shortcuts and critical information such as logged in user, favorites and recent reports.

Prospects: Attaché BI introduces a new masterfile: Prospects. This was added to enhance the functionality around the embedded Attaché CRM Dashboard, allowing potential customers to be recorded in the system, without having to pollute your customer list.

Supplier Recurring Transactions: Attaché BI simplifies the process of recurring supplier payments (such as the monthly Attaché invoice) with new features including: simple bulk generation of supplier invoices, the ability to allocate payments within the same transaction, and the ability easily modify values, dates and dissections.
Attaché Online – MyPay: The new Attaché MyPay App will give employees online and mobile access to their full history of pay advice and payment summary documents. This is just the start of a series of integrated web-based apps Attaché plans to launch over the coming year including: Online and mobile leave management, personal details updates, and streamlined on-boarding of new staff.

Superstream: Attaché’s SuperStream solution is ClickSuper – automated superannuation reporting and payment, all with a few clicks of the mouse.

Attaché Web Store: Easily customizable and available in a range of B2B and B2C designs, Attaché Web Store is a smart looking and fully featured ecommerce platform. Fully integrated within your Attaché system there are multiple secure payment methods and promotion tools on offer in the Web Store suite.

Attaché Sales SWOT: Attaché SWOT analysis equips mobile sales teams with the tools and business intelligence needed to maximize sales.

Attaché BI is being offered in two ways: Cloud or Server
Attaché BI Server is the traditional deployment method Attaché is owned by and installed in the customer’s own Windows infrastructure.

Attaché BI Cloud sees the Attaché application deployed externally. Clients can access from anywhere given an internet connection. Attaché BI Cloud is coupled with Attaché Cloud Backup which not only stores your data in the cloud, but also copies it to a nominated local computer.

Attaché BI will be progressively rolled out during 2014, with initial installations scheduled for the third quarter. The upgrade cost to move to Attaché BI will depend on individual circumstances. More details on pricing will be provided closer to the release.

If you have any questions about Attaché BI, are interested in upgrading or would just like some extra information about Attaché, please don’t hesitate to contact CA Management Services