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How to Take Your Business to the Next Level With ERP Software

Triumph have written a white page on taking your business to the next level with ERP Software Software products like MYOB, QuickBooks and Xero are all fantastic packages for small business, and all have their strengths and weaknesses. However as your business grows these systems don’t necessarily have what it takes to provide the control and management reporting required to More...

Are you ready for Single Touch Payroll?

Single Touch Payroll will be mandatory if you have more than 20 employees from 1 July 2018.  If you have under 20 employees you have until 1 July 2019. We will be running a Single Touch Payroll session again on Tuesday 20th November ay at our office from 8am to 9amam.  This is a free session to show you what your requirements are More...

CA Management Services consultants deliver practical and quality solutions to a wide variety of Australian businesses.  We specialise in Accounting and Business Software, Technology and Human Resources.

Since 1986, when CA Management Services first commenced operations, there have been many changes to accounting systems but one thing remains the same: With CA Management Services, you get ‘more business support than you’d expect.’


More business support than you'd except

Kosmic, one of Australia’s leading musician’s equipment and instrument stores, uses Triumph POS system to manage sales and stock transactions across more than 4000 product items.

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Kosmic Sound
“The time savings generated are tremendous,” says Managing Director Richard Blance.  “All the data management is completly automatic and about as real-time as you can get; as a result, we can provide far more effective delivery.”

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Chokeby Road

“What Triumph has been able to do is give us a better snapshot of where we’re at with a boat and what it’s actually cost.  Unlike our old system, Triumph has the detail of information so we can actually drill down and see exactly what has affected the costs or what has gone wrong”  Natalie Kirby – Director

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Kirby Marine, Your Content Goes Here

David Gray’s Aglink now have a turnover in excess of $60 million, and it’s Triumph ERP that continues to keep track of every financial transaction across the organisation”  Simon Hazelden – Commercial Manager, Aglink Operations

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David Gray, Your Content Goes Here

“One of the benefits of Triumph is that it has the complexity and depth needed for a business like ours, while maintaining ease of use with the bonus of being able to bring everything together into one consolidated and fully-integrated system” Tom Carey, Managing Director

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Tesselaar Flowers WA, Your Content Goes Here

“Prior to using Triumph, we had a software system which was suitable for our initial operations but when we expanded to multiple locations we needed a software package that would enable our growth not limit what we could do with it” Kraige Cooper – Managing Director

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WT Hydraulics, Your Content Goes Here

Australia’s leading air conditioning manufacturer Advantage Air’s growth to 200 employees with branches throughout Australia and South Africa over the last 10 years has been supported by Triumph

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Advantage Air, Your Content Goes Here

“With over 800 accounts of varying trades we needed to be able to look at sales per category, per location, per stock group.  Triumph provided an integrated solution saving us time and money” Daniel Philips, Newtons Business Manager

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Newtons Building & Landscape Supplies, Your Content Goes Here

Independent Rural is a family-owned business that supplies agricultural products to the Midwest region in Western Australia.  “Our ability to control our stock and our margins is much better than our previous software.  I’m much more confident now that we’re selling our product with the right margins at the right price, and the cost to us is a more accurate reflection

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Have you outgrown your Accounting System?  New Software solutions are a large investment, make sure you make the right decision.  CA Management Services consultants have reviewed many of the major current Accounting/ERP software systems and you can take advantage of our knowledge.  Our experts can talk you through your options and highlight issues you might not have considered.  Our consultants are the people who install and support the systems not just salesreps promoting the latest gadget.


Growing businesses struggle with many of the non core functions of running a business.  Which is why many of our clients have asked us to assist with these parts of the business so they can focus on their core strengths and leave the details to the experts.  The functions you could outsource include : IT Specialists, Payroll bureau, Financial and Bookkeeping services, Recruiting and HR Management, software support and consulting, Web Market Support.  Talk to us about your business needs so that we can work together to find a solution.


Among the many decisions you are called to make, selecting a consultant is one of the hardest. You know you need people who are capable of understanding your operation fully and prepared to work confidently with your people, leaving them with powerful knowledge which will translate into productive administrative practices


At CA Management Services, we have been helping businesses grow since 1986. Our Human Resources Management module has become a proven formula in assisting clients reduce turnover, improve morale, increase productivity and build a dynamic culture for their businesses to grow.


CA Management Services’ experienced IT team has been installing and supporting the IT infrastructure of WA businesses for over 20 years. Our experienced team. Ask for one of our consultants to assess your requirements and see how CA Management Services Technology Support can take the headache out of technolgoy.


CA Management Services offers a selection of training courses for major accounting software packages and Microsoft Office, as well as a variety of end of year seminars. Please select the appropriate category below for a full list and timetable of our training courses.